Nigeria’s Escalating Holy War

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Christmas Day Bombing in Abuja
Car bombs were detonated throughout Nigeria following explosions at a number of churches on Christmas Day.


Nigeria’s Escalating Holy War

A week of violence and terror in the country has many fearful of a developing alliance between the Boko Haram Islamist movement and the Sahara fraction of al-Qaeda.

Written by Agathe Panaretos. A spokesman for Boko Haram, an Islamist militant sect with ties to al-Qaeda and al-Shebab in Somalia, claimed responsibility for the Christmas day attacks, which have subsequently led to a surge of violence throughout Nigeria

The blasts that rocked St. Theresa Catholic Church and killed 25 people early Christmas morning were just the beginning of wave of violence across Nigeria targeting Christian communities. Another explosion occurred at a Mountain of Fire and Miracle Church in Jos, a city near the border dividing Nigeria’s Christian South with the predominantly Muslim north. Similar attacks occurred in the region last year on Christmas.

Government troops were on the ground following the explosions. Clashes with armed individuals left over 30 people dead and countless others injured. A local police officer was killed in a shoot out in Jos.

Under the name Abul Qaqa, a spokesman for Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the attacks the following day during an interview with a newspaper from the Muslim north.

The Christmas Day bombings were just the beginning of a wave of terrorist attacks that has swept across the West African country in the past two weeks. In addition to other churches and places of worship, car bombs were detonated along the border between the northern and southern regions.

The terrorist group ordered all remaining Christians in the Muslim north to vacate the region. Following the threat, more churches were burned to the ground and Christian residents began to flee the area.

Boko Haram, whose name when translated means “Western education is sinful,” has launched multiple attacks against Western interests in the past. These latest bombings, however, reignite decades old tensions between the northern Muslim region and the Christian south. Escalating and continuing violence could further aggravate these strains and could threaten to destabilize the largest country in Africa.

The Nigerian government is facing growing criticsm for failing to address Boko Haram’s continued threats and attacks. President Jonathan Goodluck spoke at a church service follwoing the Christmas Day attacks, stating that the greatest obstacle the government faces is the presence of Boko Haram sympathizers throughout the government.

“Some of them are in the executive arm of government, some of them are in the parliamentary/legislative arm of government, while some of them are even in the judiciary,” he said, adding “Some are also in the armed forces, the police and other security agencies.”

The areas along the border between the north and south have been declared a state of emergency, however the violence hasonly escalated and continues to spread throughout Nigeria.

Is the US preparing to invade Iran?

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Written by: Jacob Kleinman

Map of the Straight of Hormuz

Iran could cut of 1/5 of the world's oil supply by blockading the Hormuz Straight

Over the last few weeks the political climate between the United States and Iran has gone from bad to worse following the oil-rich Middle Eastern country’s declaration that they have successfully produced their first nuclear fuel rod. According to an article in the Jerusalem Post (Israel’s primary English-language newspaper), Israel and the US are working together towards a “military exercise” in the Spring in which thousands of US soldiers will be deployed to Israel along with US army machinery.

Iran’s nuclear agency has stated that the rod, a tube containing pellets of enriched uranium that provides the fuel for a nuclear reactor, will be used to generate nuclear power. Despite these claims, the US and Europe believe that Iran is, and always has been, working towards the construction of nuclear missiles.

For the time being the United States and Europe are planning to boycott Iranian oil, which fuel’s the country’s otherwise crumbling economy, in order to curtail its nuclear ambitions. Iranian officials have responded by equating the oil embargo to “economic war,” and Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi defiantly stated on Thursday that his country would “weather the storm.”

Even Asian countries such Japan, South Korea and China have agreed to seek out alternative crude oil suppliers under growing pressure from the US. These three countries, along with India, important more than 60 percent of Iran’s oil exports, and have approached other nations, particularly Saudi Arabia, about purchasing oil following the increasingly tense political situation.

However, Iran still has an ace up its sleeve. The Strait of Hormuz, a narrow opening which connects the Persian Gulf to the Arabian sea and the rest has been the recent setting for war games conducted by Iran’s navy. About 14 tankers carrying 15.5 million barrels of oil (coming from other countries as well as Iran) travel through the sea passage every day; that’s 20 percent of the world’s crude oil.

What exactly would happen if Iran decided to blockade the Hormuz straight is unclear, as is how long the Iranian army could maintain control of the passage. Iranian Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi has stated, “We won’t disrupt traffic through the Strait of Hormuz. We are not after this.”

As the situation intensifies and the theoretical oil embargo becomes a reality the region’s future seems unclear. It should come as no surprise that the United States is seeking to establish a military presence within reach of Iran in order to squash any nuclear activity and maintain the stability of the global oil market.

Occupy 2012? Will OWS make a Comeback in the New Year?

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Written by: Tamar Auber

On December 31, 2012, six weeks after a twilight raid ousted the OWS protestors from Zuccotti Park in New York City, Occupy Wall Street was planning their own midnight attack. As millions tuned in and crowded into Times Square to watch the ball drop, a small plucky advance took back their erstwhile home, Zuccotti Park, resulting in approximately 68 arrests in the first hours of the New Year. A swift show of police force quickly reclaimed the park and emptied it of protestors. However, the unexpected raid leaves many wondering, is the Occupy Movement set to make a comeback in 2012?

Few can dispute that the last few months have taken a toll on the Occupy movement. On November 15 2011, Occupy Wall Street lost its nerve center when it was cast from Zuccotti Park where it camped day and night for nearly three months. Three days later, occupiers in Dallas were kicked out of the park they called home, followed by the dismantling of Occupy Washington DCon December 5th and other encampments nationwide. The loss of a home and protest space appeared, at least the surface, to be a deathblow to the Occupy movement whose acephalous structure demands that persons be gathered for decisions, based on consensus, to be made.

Occupy Protesters in Crowd

Will the Occupy Movement make a comeback in 2012?

Yet, on November 17th, the homeless Occupy Wall Street movement managed to drum up thousands of supporters for an anniversary march on Wall Street. After the loss of the Philadelphia tent city, the Philly group voted to continue meeting, and were reported in a December 30th  Huffington Post blog  as “alive and well.” Then there was the Occupy Onward conference on December 18th, which met at the New School, “to discuss the current crisis and what the Occupy Wall Street and the rest of us can do about it.” Unlikely to be the final breaths of a dying group, these events and meetings appear to be breathing new life into a wounded, but still very much viable worldwide movement.

No doubt, the Occupy movement is being aided by social media and a readily available internet to virtually connect members and keep them informed. Yet, another force seems to be feeding the groups re-birth. Despite promises of a brighter future, unemployment is still high and the economic outlook remains bleak. This national discontentment, felt strongly among young persons, provides the perfect fuel for the Occupy movement to take fire in 2012.

As the Occupy Wall Street demonstrated in the first hours of 2012, the new year will likely bring more news of Occupy protests and events worldwide, as the hobbled OWS movement and others worldwide reorganize and strategize on new ways to get their message heard loud and clear in the new year.

Occupy America: the New Silent Majority?

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“Written by: Kathleen Mulvihill”
(As told by Joe Fly)

This is America, so I have the right to voice my opinion about the Occupy Movement and not be swatted or otherwise squashed, if you know what I mean. A lot of you wish to be a fly on the wall at one time or another. Well, here’s your chance to hear it from the real thing: me, Joe Fly.

I’ll get straight to the point: seems to me this whole Occupy thing could find itself Vacant if someone doesn’t wake up and smell the beef. Let me digress.

About four months ago, Sept. 17, 2011 to be exact, when it all began in New York City’s financial district, I was just your average Joe buzzing around for my next meal. But this ruckus is going on, right, so I land on a tent where humans are talking about things like the 99 percent rule, how they need to reclaim democracy from the greed of Wall Street, big corporations, banks and billionaires (Gates and Buffet notwithstanding). They’re ranting against economic and civil inequalities. Like how did a democratic and capitalist country like America, where every man could become a king, suddenly become more like an autocratic caste system?

I wanted to know more. My winged family members in Asia told me that the Occupy movement was inspired by the Arab Spring – you know, all those protest and resistance movements in places like Syria, Libya and Egypt. “Those folks forced out their leaders, brought down their governments and formed new democracies for their people,” my relatives said. Nice job.

But all I see in America is young people beating their drums, holding their placards, pitching their tents, yelling that they are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. Gotcha. But as the weeks and months go on, I don’t get where they’re going. I mean, where’s their business plan, what’s their strategy, who is their leader, when are they actually going to do something to bring about change? Where’s the beef?

Have they not noticed that city by city, the politicians are putting their armed police on the chess board and booting out the pawns from the public places they once occupied? Call me a bugger, but I get around like no one’s business. Just the other day, I flew to the Beltway and you should have heard the laughter from some of those legalized criminals who represent you in Congress, especially those up for reelection. They’re brushing you off like dust mites, my friends.

So here’s my advice. Get a voice, don’t become the New Silent Majority. Take a lesson from the Tea Party. That brew got up and running pretty fast and knocked out a few Democrats in fairly short order. The 2012 elections are around the corner but you still have time to fire the bums (Democrats or Republicans) by the dozens. Make your voice heard, get out your message and hoist that 1 percent square in the public’s face. What are you waiting for, an invitation to tea?

Mayor Bloomberg Brushes Off Newt Gingrich Criticisms as Gingrich Campaign Faces Challenges

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Newt Gingrich criticizes Michael Bloomberg

Written By: Anatole Ashraf

Despite mounting campaign challenges, Republican candidate for the 2012 presidency Newt Gingrich continued to aim criticisms at New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg for a second day while Bloomberg chuckled at the jeers.

At a “Mom’s Matter” forum in Des Moines, Iowa on Dec. 30, Gingrich cited Bloomberg as a reason for wanting to overhaul the entire electoral system, claiming he did not have the mayor’s personal wealth to buy a seat.

“The current system is a disgrace,” Gingrich said. “When Bloomberg can buy the mayorship of New York and nobody can compete with him because they’re all under various contribution rules, when millionaires go out and have huge advantages, there’s something profoundly wrong with the system.”

Bloomberg in turn brushed off the comments at a press conference designed to advertise New York City’s efforts to increase pedestrian and bike safety on Dec. 29. When asked about the comments, Bloomberg laughed and replied, “What, did he say something?”

“My job is have more events like this to be able to say that bike safety has gone up dramatically,” Bloomberg said, “[that] crime has gone down, deaths by fire, deaths by traffic, that schools are improving, and that is what I am going to focus on.”

Gingrich’s criticisms come at a time when the candidate’s campaign is facing increasing challenges. According to a CNN poll of 452 Republicans conducted from Dec. 21 to 27, Gingrich ranked fourth among voters likely to caucus on Jan. 3 with 14 percent. A similar poll conducted from Nov. 29 to Dec. 6 found the candidate enjoying a 13-point lead over current front-runner Mitt Romney with 33 percent. The issues plaguing Gingrich’s campaign are attacks from other campaigns which the candidate has called “negative,” or super PACs which are supporting other candidates such as Romney.

Following Gingrich’s surge in the polls a month ago, rival candidates Romney and Ron Paul launched several attack ads that some estimate costing as high as $10 million worth. One point of attack has been Gingrich’s mid-1990s affair with Republican staffer Callista Bisek while still married to his second wife Marianne Ginther. The pressure resulting from these ads have led Gingrich to say, “I can’t do modern politics.”

The forum in Des Moines, Iowa also found Gingrich “becoming emotional” about his mother.

“My whole  emphasis on brain science comes indirectly from dealing with…the real problems of real people in my family,” Gingrich said. “So it’s not a theory, it’s in fact my mother.”

Gingrich Absent from Virginia Primaries

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Written by: Joe Sciabica

March 6, 2012 will be the date of the Virginia Republican primaries, also known as Super Tuesday. However, the only familiar faces for the ballot will be limited to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Texas Representative Ron Paul. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Governor Rick Perry were unable to obtain the 10,000 required signatures to be eligible for the Virginia ballot in the upcoming primary. It is also a requirement of the 10,000 signatures to come from registered voters with at least 400 from each of the 11 congressional districts of Virginia.

The Gingrich campaign attempted to collect enough signatures in time but was unsuccessful, leaving them to search for alternative methods to somehow be eligible. Already there are arguments attacking both the rules of the Virginia primary and Gingrich’s campaign. Some people claim that a technicality should not stop the voters of Virginia to fully express their democratic rights and voices by not having a full list of candidates. Others claim that all of the blame lies with the candidate’s campaign and that a lack of organization is the real cause of Gingrich not being on the ballot. It is just a reflection of how Gingrich runs anything he is in charge of.

Wherever the blame is deserved can be debated, but it a sure thing that this will be a huge detriment to Gingrich’s run for the Republican candidate. Gingrich is currently behind Paul and Romney in the Iowa polls for the January 3 Caucasus. According to a Quinnipiac University poll of Virginia republicans, Gingrich is currently ahead of both Paul and Romney which means little for Gingrich as he will not be a choice on the ballot.

It is also uncertain whether Michelle Bachman, Rick Santorum or Jon Huntsman will also be on the ballot. The Gingrich supporters may then be left with no choice but to select between Paul and Romney, either scenario being a bad one for Gingrich. If Romney were to win in Virginia, it would only reinforce his electability. If Paul is the victor, it may begin to dissolve the semblance of Paul being unelectable and become a real contender with the mass voters and mainstream media.

For Gingrich, this is a likely loss of 49 delegates if the Quinnipiac University poll and his popularity there as a resident correctly indicate is would have been assured victory. In any event, this will remind all candidates not to lose sight of the rules of the various state in their chases for votes among the people.


Will Kim Jong-Un Follow in His Father’s Footsteps?

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Written by: Joe Sciabica

With the death of North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Il, the question occupying most diplomats and world leaders’ minds is, will Kim Jong-Un continue North Korea on the same path or be the face of a crucial change for the nation?

The death of Kim Jong-Il on December 17, the former Supreme Leader of North Korea, has left behind a position that will be filled by his third son, Kim Jong-Un. Predictions of North Korea’s actions, domestic and international, are uncertain, leaving many to speculate about possible different scenarios. Kim Jong-Un will either act as a conservative hardliner as was his father or bring about reform that may fundamentally change the North Korea that has existed for the past 59 years.

There is evidence to show that both scenarios are entirely possible, illustrated mostly by Kim Jong-Un’s past experiences. It is strongly supported that Kim Jong-Un received a Western education while studying in Switzerland. Students who knew him when he was younger have stated that his English was quite skilled and also possessed an enthusiasm for Western pop culture. Moreover he is an avid fan of the NBA.

Statements from Kim Jong-Il’s personal sushi chef, Kenji Fujimoto, say that from conversing with Kim Jong-Un that he believed North Korea was a backwards nation regarding technology. Some believe that because of Kim Jong-Un’s exposure to Western culture he may be more willing to improve relations with the U.S. or possibly set North Korea on a path similar to that of China over the past decade. However, it must be remembered Kim Jong-Il was also a fan of Western theater, but this did little to soften his position.

Aside from Kim Jong-Un’s education, his past is also crucially different from his father in that he lacks much political or military experience. Kim Jong-Il held political positions for 14 years before his own father died and took leadership of the nation. Kim Jong-Un was only selected to succeed his father two years ago and was just given a military position as a general a little over a year ago.

It could be the case that because of his lack of experience, Kim Jong-Un may need to show a feat of military strength in order to legitimize and consolidate his new position as Supreme Leader, which may lead him down a path that North Korea has been on since the Korean War. In an interview with Bruce Klingner, Senior Research Fellow for Northeast Asia at the Heritage Foundation, Klingner stated that it was entirely possible that Kim Jong-Un would share power with the military, whether this was a decision made by his late father, the military or Kim Jong-Un himself.

In any event, this is a milestone in the turmoil of international relations that is the history of North Korea. Keen eyes will be watching the East to see which path Kim Jong-Un will lead the country.

Is Ron Paul Prepared for Heavy Vetting?

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Ron Paul's special report on racial terrorism




Written by: Holly Troupe

Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s vault to the front of the Iowa Polls on Monday was promptly overshadowed by the re-emergence of offensive political newsletters written under his banner. The newsletters, which were first circulated in the late 1980s and early ‘90s, were first-person accounts that contained attacks on African Americans and the Gay community. While Paul has said ghostwriters were the true authors of the pamphlets and claimed not to have read them, his statements through the years have not been totally consistent.

The inflammatory newsletters are not a new discovery. They surfaced during Paul’s congressional run in 1996, again in 2001 and again during his presidential campaign in 2008. Although news outlets published incendiary excerpts from the newsletters during his 2008 bid, Paul had never been a frontrunner in those elections, and the content of the newsletters was not loudly decried. Now that a Ron Paul victory in the Iowa caucus doesn’t seem that far-fetched, things are very different. News organizations, bloggers and political opposition are having a closer look not only at the missives themselves, but at the subsequent interviews given by Paul.

The Ron Paul Investment Letter, The Ron Paul Survival Report and The Ron Paul Political Report were published and distributed through Ron Paul & Associates. These letters contained musings on the state of the economy, Libertarian philosophy, monetary events and Washington policies. The “Political Report,” and the “Survival Report” contained some of the most virulent commentary, including:

  • [On African Americans] “Many more [White Americans] are going to have difficulty avoiding the belief that our country is being destroyed by a group of actual and potential terrorists – and they can be identified by the color of their skin. This conclusion may not be entirely fair, but it is, for many, entirely unavoidable.”
  • [On African Americans] “As children [Black males] are trained to hate whites, to believe that white oppression is responsible for all black ills, to ‘fight the power,’ to steal and loot as much money from the white enemy as possible.”
  • [On African Americans during the L.A. riots] “Order was only restored in L. A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks three days after rioting began. The ‘poor’ lined up at the post office to get their handouts (since there were no deliveries) –and then complained about the slow service.”
  • [On AIDS] “Those who don’t commit sodomy, who don’t get a blood transfusion, and who don’t swap needles, are virtually assured of not getting AIDS unless they are deliberately infected by a malicious gay, as was Kimberly Bergalis [an AIDS patient alleged to have been infected with the virus during a dental procedure].”


The provocative nature of the newsletters was addressed back in 1996 in an article for the Dallas Morning News. At that time he denied racist motives though he made no denial of authorship and did not appear to take exception to the contents. When asked about the statement in a 1992 edition of The Ron Paul Political Report: “If you have ever been robbed by a black teenaged male, you know how unbelievably fleet of foot they can be,” Paul is reported to have said in response, “If you try to catch someone that has stolen a purse from you, there is no chance to catch them.” The publications were found by the Dallas Morning News to have been referenced in an Internet directory titled “Radicalists and Freedom-Fighters” by a Neo-Nazi organization in Canada called The Heritage Front. Paul said he had no knowledge of his newsletters’ inclusion.

Paul went on to further diminish his involvement with the newsletters. In a 2001 article in The Texas Monthly, he gave an interview saying that he never wrote the words in the newsletters. “I actually really wanted to try to explain that it doesn’t come from me directly,” he said. “But [campaign aides] said that’s too confusing. ‘It appeared in your letter and your name was on that letter and therefore you have to live with it.’” In 2008 when interviewed by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, Paul said he never wrote the messages on the pamphlets, and didn’t even see them at the time. “I was in a medical practice, I travelled a lot, I was doing speeches around the country, so very frequently I never did see these.” Paul also emphasized his Libertarian philosophy. “Libertarians are incapable of being racists because racism is a collectivist idea,” he said. “What I defend is the principle of Libertarianism, where we never see people who belong to a group and the individual is defended and protected because they are important [as individuals], not because of their color of skin, but of their character.”

During an interview Wednesday with CNN reporter Gloria Borger, Paul became increasingly flustered when the reporter repeatedly pressed the subject of the statements in the newsletters. “It’s been going on 20 years since people have been pestering me about this,” he said. “When are you going to wear yourself out?” He then added, “The answer is: I didn’t write them. I didn’t read them at the time, and I disavow them. And that is the answer.” After further persistent questioning by Borger, Paul removed his microphone and walked out.

Eric Dondero, Paul’s former Senior Aide and Personal Assistant, says that Paul wasn’t as hands-off as he previously claimed. “He did read them, every line of them, off his fax machine at his Clute office before they were published,” Dondero said in a blog post to The American Spectator. “He would typically sign them at the bottom of the last page giving his okay, and re-fax them to Jean [Editor Jean McCiver] to go to the printer.” Dondero, however, is not without detractors. The publisher and editor of, has been accused of deliberately sabotaging Ron Paul’s presidential efforts, and is the object of derision on the Facebook page “Eric Dondero is Slime.” Paul has called him “A disgruntled former employee who was fired.”

For the time being, Paul’s opponents have not remarked upon the newsletters, choosing instead to attack his foreign policy platform. Minn. Rep. Michele Bachmann, who ranked fifth place in the Iowa Polls, has called Paul’s policy on Iran “dangerous.” “It’s imperative that our next commander in chief appreciates the level of dangerous activity that we have in the world today,” Bachmann said in an interview for CBS News on Monday. “Ron Paul would wait until the United States had a city that was taken out by a nuclear weapon. I won’t.” Senator Rick Santorum echoed these sentiments, saying, “I think both Michele Bachmann and I did a pretty good job of showing how dangerous Ron Paul would be as a nominee for our party.” He described Paul as “far to the left” of President Obama on the issue of National Security.

When asked about Michele Bachmann on the December 16 episode of “The Tonight Show,” Paul told host Jay Leno, “She doesn’t like Muslims. She hates Muslims. She wants to get rid of ‘em.”

Dozens die as Iraq inches closer to civil war

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Written by: Mike Demertzis
Explosions rocked Bagdad Thursday and civilians were reminded of their fractured society. As pools of blood, broken glass and the stench of burned flesh surrounded an elementary school, an ambulance exploded in front of a government office a few miles away and dozens more died.

The sixteen attacks this morning were attributed to the Sunni Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi
that is accused of terrorism, while he hides in a simi autonomous region of Kurdistan. The current Prime minister Nouri al-Maliki is adamantly accusing Sunni officials of attempting to derail the fragile coalition government and fuel sectarian discord.

While Maliki tries to retain political control, his political rivals have warned him against accusing any specific insurgent groups that have previously been associated with suicide attacks.
The Kurds are also trying to not only maintain but expand their territory in Northern Iraq, which was formed outside the central governments control.

Washington, although alarmed at the sudden violence targeting mostly civilian neighborhoods,
stated the attacks were not necessarily tied to the recent troop withdrawal but planned over a period of time, and urged the Iraqi officials to overcome differences that may destroy progress already made.

Vice President Joe Biden called President Jalal Talabani offering to mediate talks in hope of bringing peace to the troubled government. Meanwhile civilians are mobilizing and forming armed groups to try and protect their neighborhoods. Many are accusing government officials
of secret ties with foreign countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, which is intensifying the unrest and inching the country toward civil war.

Although the final regiment of U.S. troops rolled out of Bagdad last Sunday, there are over seventeen thousand American officials and contractors still in the green zone, and will remain for a few more weeks. A terrorist penetrated the zones outer defense this morning and detonated his car in front of the Parliament building killing himself and 5 others. American officials are worried of the Iraqi security forces ability to adequately protect the green zone while they continue to vacate the secured compound. This was the first breach since April of 2007.

These types of sophisticated attacks are the distinguishing mark of Al Queda and are reminiscent of the bloodshed that was an everyday occurrence a few years ago. The current violence in neighboring Syria , Egypt and Libya are also having an impact on Iraq due to its diverse sects. We can only hope that the Iraqi people will set aside their immediate differences, unify the country and put an end to the madness.

Arizona Phoenix SB-1070 is having an effect.

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illegal immigration imageIllegal immigrants are boycotting  Arizona  by the thousands, showing their outrage with Arizona’s controversial new SB-1070 law by moving elsewhere.
In the small town of Guadalupe AZ , south of  Phoenix , Manuel Renaldo is one of those who is punishing Arizona by leaving.  As he loaded his stolen car with his belongings and family of ten, Renaldo told this reporter through an interpreter “It’s a matter of principle.  I refuse to be supported by a state that treats me like a criminal.”
The effects of the exodus are being felt by Arizona retailers who are reporting dwindling sales of beer, spray paint, and ammunition.  Also hit hard are the state’s hospitals, which have reported a dramatic decline in births and emergency room visits. Tattoo parlors are in a state of panic.
Renaldo told a reporter through an interpreter “He and his family are moving to California , which is a state that will support him and his family with dignity.”

Illegal immigrants are boycotting  Arizona  by the thousands, showing their outrage with Arizona’s controversial new SB-1070 law by moving elsewhere.
In the small town of Guadalupe AZ , south of  Phoenix , Manuel Renaldo is one of those who is punishing Arizona by leaving.  As he loaded his stolen car with his belongings and family of ten, Renaldo told this reporter through an interpreter “It’s a matter of principle.  I refuse to be supported by a state that treats me like a criminal.”

The effects of the exodus are being felt by Arizona retailers who are reporting dwindling sales of beer, spray paint, and ammunition.  Also hit hard are the state’s hospitals, which have reported a dramatic decline in births and emergency room visits. Tattoo parlors are in a state of panic.

Renaldo told a reporter through an interpreter “He and his family are moving to California , which is a state that will support him and his family with dignity.”

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