Michelle Obama leads the fight to end childhood obesity in the USA

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It’s no surprise that the over-fed, sedentary children of the United States need urgent help. Their weight and health has changed rapidly—and not for the better—over the past three decades. In the late 1970’s, only 5% of children were considered obese. Now, according to a White House report that fit-as-a-fiddle Michelle Obama unveiled on Monday, one out of every three (33%) American children is now overweight or obese. Obesity places them at greater risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and cancer in their lifetime, while also placing tremendous stress on our already fragile healthcare system. Some experts also predict that, due to obesity, America has raised the first generation not expected to outlive their parents.

Fortunately, according to the ambitious First Lady, there is some good news, “We don’t need new discoveries or new inventions to reverse this trend. We have the tools at our disposal to reverse it. All we need is the motivation, the opportunity and the willpower to do what needs to be done.” She said.

The 120-page White House task force report Obama presented, called, “Solving the Problem of Childhood Obesity within a Generation,” reveals how to take the country’s rate of juvenile obesity back down to what it was in the late 1970’s by 2030. According to the report, this can be achieved by following 70 rather simple and obvious recommendations. Some of those recommendations include educating mothers on the benefits of breastfeeding, improving school lunch programs, limiting “screen time” spent in front of the TV and helping kids get more regular exercise at school.

Instituting these simple changes is likely to prove challenging—especially since it is so difficult to motivate just one person to change. Still, if Americans want to remain strong and vital, they’ve got to step it up! Hopefully, the First Lady can help lead the way.

Obama Blames BP for the Gulf Oil Spill, and Invests America’s Efforts

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BP holds a hose to our environmental heads

President Barack Obama arrives Sunday for his first in-person evaluation of the damaging oil spill, now clouding the once vibrant waters of the Gulf of Mexico. When approached about the catastrophe, he called it “unique and unprecedented,” and something that will take “many days to stop.”

The visit comes at a time when his administration is suffering from an immense amount of criticism, regarding how they responded to the spill in a less-than-punctual manner. But, now on the scene, the president has not only brought federal attention to the issue, but he has even pointed a stern finger at the responsible party by calling it “the BP oil spill.”

Obama is not happy about the BP oil spill

Standing just outside the Venice Coast Guard Center in Louisiana, the president wore a grave face as he spoke of the damage that the oil leak will impose upon the economy, and the environment of the country’s Gulf States: “It could jeopardize the livelihoods of thousands of Americans who call this place home.” He made sure to clearly shovel the blame onto the shoulders of the British oil giant, whom  he holds entirely accountable; however, he knows the obligation at hand, and promises to invest all that America has to improve the situation.

“We’re going to do what’s necessary to protect the American people,” said the president, “to determine who’s behind this potentially deadly act, and to see that justice is done.”

Short-sighted Republicans May Lose the Latin Vote Over Arizona’s Immigration Law

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They probably won't vote Republican ever again

Despite the popularity with the base Republicans, the parties leaders are starting to see how Arizona’s immigration law could really hurt the GOP‘s hispanic vote. Even the Republicans heading heavily Hispanic states – like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Rick Perry – are expressing their criticisms as they call the law overreaching.

Those thinking long-term are worried that the drastic immigration law is just a quick political fix that may backfire as an enormous divergence between the expanding hispanic electorate, and the GOP. According to Matthew Dowd, George W. Bush’s chief strategist back in 2004, said that it’s impossible to win a national election without

Without documentation, citizens are aliens

the Latino vote, which is something the Republicans already had trouble with during previous attempts to penetrate the White House. Other members of the party concur as the express their concerns with the short-sighted decision. Karl Rove came to grips with the possibility of the bill having some constitutional problems; Rick Perry (of Texas) asserts that he has issues with the bill, which wouldn’t be a great idea in Texas; and even Jeb Bush was quoted saying: “I don’t think this is the proper approach.”

Nevertheless, the short-sighted law is popular with voters; however, ninety percent of Hispanics are not of legal age to vote in Arizona.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Could Spell Bad Things for Both Democrats and Republicans

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The fight against oil continues in the Gulf of Mexico

The rapidly-expanding oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has put pressure on the White House to pacify the public by proving Obama has reconsidered off-shore drilling, and that he will not proceed with developing the industry until the accident is fully reviewed. But, the pressure is more bipartisan than American government itself, as both the Democrats and Republicans try not to get themselves dirty, dealing with the oily mess.

Democrats and environments present the spill as enough evidence for Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla) to suggest that the slightest notion of expanding off-shore drilling will be shot dead once it arrives on

Bipartisan suffering brings them together

Capitol Hill. And, surprisingly enough, the quick-to-critique Republicans haven’t said a word – even though the White House took nine days before taking action. It seems that their presidential motto “drill baby drill” has scared them into silence, and finally persuaded them to shut up.

Several Republicans still expressed support for domestic drilling on Friday, alongside the president himself, who admitted that his position did not change regarding offshore drilling as a substitute for offshore supplies. And with people quoting him for stating that “Oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills,” he might have to be just as worried as his friends across the aisle.

Ladies and Gentleman of American government, stop pointing at each other and get something done. For once in your lives save something – accomplish something: perform on behalf of the greater good, and not for mere political perpetuation.

U.S. Continues to Support Israeli Security, Even Though They Want To Build in East Jerusalem

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Ehud Barak is happy to still have the U.S. at is back

Today, Obama reassured that U.S. support for Israeli security will continue regardless of the rising tension regarding a Jewish settlement being constructed in East Jerusalem. Robert Gibbs, one of the president’s spokesman, said that Obama expressed his determination to establish peace in the Middle East to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, while they attended a meeting at the White House with U.S. National Security Adviser, James Jones.

James Jones feels remorse for his tasteless joke

Such comments have been long awaited since Israel’s municipal officials claimed that the government had essentially frozen any settlement construction that would be carried out in the discordant East Jerusalem. Though U.S. officials had no prompt comments on this issue, settlement building had been a major issue in Washington last month, when Israel announced an enormous housing development plan for East Jerusalem, during one of Vice President Joe Biden’s recent visits.

P.J. Crowley, State Department spokesman refused to discuss what Israel was reporting to the U.S. in regards to Jewish construction. He explained how both sides are being asked to rebuild trust and facilitate enough momentum to really gain some ground for peace talks. Perhaps the trust was shaken by a recent joke about a “Jewish merchant,” made by James Jones, which managed to stir up some critical distraction after many expressed explicit offense to the off-the-cuff comedic blurb. Fortunately, for the sake of inflating a touchy subject, Jones’ speech was not a presidential event, meaning that there was no stenographer present to record the U.S. Security Adviser with a not-so-kosher foot in his mouth.

Obama Delivers a Hopeful Eulogy, and Offers Consolation to the Beckley 29

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An honorable man, a hopeful president

President Obama attended a somber event on Sunday (April 25) in Beckley, West Virginia, where he delivered a eulogy for the 29 miners who were killed in an explosion earlier this month.

He offered words of wisdom as he urged the mourning to say their final goodbyes, and to remember those they have lost as they continue on with their lives. He sought to offer a sympathetic understanding on behalf of the entire country, as his way of consoling the families who suffered a loss from this tragic event. One by one, he read off the names of the 29 lost souls, suggesting “the face of God, who quiets our troubled minds, mends our broken hearts and eases our mourning souls” to a teary and emotional audience.

A memorial statue for the Beckley Miners

He changed his somber tone into one of action as he turned his attention toward the regulation failures that led to the explosion, and promised prompt federal investigation to uncover the true causes behind the accident.

The four-hour ceremony wound down as the family members entered the convention center with helmets, which they perched atop 29 white crosses that stood across the stage. At the close of the memorial, the headlamps on each was turned on, to symbolize the light that would shine beyond the lives of those who were lost.

New Poll By Kaiser Health Reveals Fascinating Insights into the American Political Perceptions

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Obama contemplates the controversy

According to a Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, a majority of Americans are puzzled by the newly enacted heath care laws, and continue to be unsure about how they affect them. It’s been a month since Obama signed them into law, and still the nation’s public remains divergent over this controversial piece of legislation.

According to a poll: Republicans love cable news, while Democrats prefer network programing

The poll surveyed 1,208 adults in mid-April, and found 77 percent of Democrats in support of the new laws, and  79 percent of Republicans (and 46 percent of Independents) opposing them ; however, the same survey also depicted a well-defined majority of Americans who support specific stipulations. For example: As many as 86 percent are in favor of small business tax breaks, while 81 percent want to stop insurance companies from dropping patients with major health problems; another 74 percent of participants expressed an interest in extending their child’s coverage until they’re the ripe age of 26.

But, perhaps the most interesting facet of this poll isn’t so much about what the people believe, but where they get the information that got them to believe it in the first place. When participants were asked to choose their “most important” news source, 36 percent said cable news channels and their websites.

Republicans and Obama Discuss the Courts, while the Democrats Tire of Republican Filibuster

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Obama isn't too stressed about a face-to-face with Republicans

This Wednesday, Senate Republicans will have their chance to speak with Obama about his reconfiguration of the US court system. He is scheduled to meet for a discussion concerning a replacement for Justice John Paul Stevens‘ when he retires by the close of the current term.Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel (Kentucky), Senator Jeff Sessions (Alabama) – the Senate Judiciary Committee‘s top Republican Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and also Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt) – who is also the chairman of the Judiciary Committee,are planning to be in attendance at this important meeting. Leahy has recently stood up against the Republican threat to filibuster any nominee whom they deem a “judicial activist,” and soon he may have significant grounds to support his dissent.

Chairman of the Judiciary Committee

This Thursday, the Senate Rules Committee will hold a discussion on the history of the filibuster. Democratic Lawmakers seek a means of restricting this government tactic that they feel the GOP has been abusing for the past 15 months. Groups of academics and experts alike also plan on speaking about the historical use of the filibuster during the hearing; however, since the Democrats only hold 59 seats, they need to develop a firm strategy for gaining the 67 votes needed for the essential dissolution of the filibuster.

Obama Hires Help For Implementing His Beloved Health Care Reform

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Pete Rouse in the Oval Office

Knowing that Obama-care will not effectively reduce high medical costs without some direct implementation, President Obama has turned to some of his best for another push forward. Pete Rouse, one of his most trusted White House advisers, is just one of the talented individuals that he’s personally asked to help him construct an intricate model meant to expediently press the new health care laws into action.

Obama is really close with Katherine Sebelius

Nancy-Ann DeParle,  the individual who often stood at the forefront of legislative effort in the health sector, has also been employed to manage the construction of the mechanism that will extend coverage out to 30 million presently uninsured Americans, while ultimately achieving the law’s long-term goal of cost containment. Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of health and human services (and previous insurance commissioner), has undertaken the difficult task of re-introducing regulations for Medicare, Medicaid and private health-care providers. In doing so, she has already reorganized the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services so that space is available for a new center intended to find more efficient ways of reimbursing providers that improve patient care and reduce government spending. And, to make matters even more hopeful, the president has ensured that any of the secretary’s brilliant ideas will be free to expand nation wide, without the permission of Congress.

Some, including David M. Cutler – Harvard economist and Obama’s chief campaign adviser on health policy – believe that the president is ushering in one of the largest government transformations since World War II. Seems like a really good thing; after all, isn’t about time that 50-year-old health policy gets an upgrade?

Obama Has Handled the Tax Issue, And Tea Party’ers Still Deny It

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A few Tax Party opinion signs

Announcing his 2011 budget proposal back in February, President Obama asserted that the government cannot spend as if deficits go without consequence, nor as if American tax-dollars are “Monopoly money.” But, as tax day arrives, many are questioning whether the president will keep his word, or default on a promise. While Tea Party supporters shout “Taxed Enough Already” until their voices crack, some are utterly stupefied by how such people ignore the figures surrounding the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – aka the stimulus package -which recieves partial credit for for 2009’s record-breaking tax refunds, and a sixty-year low in federal taxes (a figure put forth by William Gale, co-director of the Tax Policy Center and director of the Retirement Security Project at the Bookings Institution.

Wrong, the budget crises is no kryptonite.

So, what does Obama have planned for our hard-earned money? Well, by the close of 2010, Americans are likely to see: A raise of the top two income tax brackets from 33 to 36 percent, and 35 to 39.6 percent; A raise in the capital gains tax rate from 15 to 20 percent – along with an increased tax on dividend income from 15 to 20 percent – for married couples with incomes exceeding 250k.

From these figures, it’s difficult to understand where the protestors get their information; after all, Gerald Prante, a senior economist for the non-partisan research organization, Tax Foundation, admitted that the increases will only reflect upon 2 to 3 percent of the year’s total tax returns.

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