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Sweet Chocolate Valentine’s Giveaway

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Watches on Net Makes Valentine's Day Sweeter


If you’re in the mood for a mouthwatering deal this Valentine’s Day, Watches on Net is ready to accommodate.  The mens watches site that offers the most stylish designer timepieces is sweetening their pot with free gifts.  Choose from the many luxury men’s and women’s watches that they feature and walk away with an extra added bonus.  

Purchase one of their exceptional timepieces between January 21st and February 7th 2011 and receive not one, but three additional Valentine’s Day gifts.  Watches on Net will take the hassle out of shopping this year.  Just make your selection from the thousands of luxurious watches and Watches on Net will offer you complimentary gift wrapping, as well as a free Valentine’s Day gift card.  If that isn’t enough to tempt you, they will also throw in a mouthwatering box of assorted chocolates, absolutely free! 

Watches on Net features the widest variety of men’s and women’s timepieces on the internet, and shopping with them is safe and convenient.  If you are in a quandary over what to get your sweetie this Valentine’s Day…visit Watches on net.  

At the touch of your finger you will find the perfect watch, have it hand wrapped, and delivered with a delicious box of chocolates.  It doesn’t make sense to shop anywhere else.

Valentine’s Day Giveaway Makes This Holiday Extra Sweet

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Watches by Design, Fashion Watches and More...


If you really want to impress your sweetie this Valentine’s Day, be a smart and savvy shopper.  Bring home something extra special and a little something extra at the same time.  Watches by Design offers the largest selection of fashion watches at the best prices and this year they are throwing in an added bonus.  If you purchase a fashion watch from January 21st – February 7th 2011 you will receive their Valentine bonus package.  

In addition to being able to choose from thousands of designer name brand timepieces, your gift will include free Valentine’s gift card, free gift wrapping, and a very special surprise!  

Why choose Watches by Design for your top of the line timepieces?  They simply offer the biggest selection and the best prices.  If you’re not convinced yet, shop their watches sales.  Watches by Design can help you take Valentine’s Day to a whole new level.  Your Valentine will appreciate your thoughtfulness, as well as the fantastic new watch!  Shop from famous maker like Movado, Michele, and Omega.  These watchmakers, and many more call Watches by Design home.  Shop with confidence this year.  Come home with a gift she will truly enjoy and treasure for years to come.  Let Watches by Design show you the way. 

Give Your Valentine The Gift Of Time

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Let Variety Watches Make Valentine's Day Special


Searching for that perfect gift for your Valentine this year?  Variety Watches has it all wrapped up.  With the purchase of any of their luxurious jewelry watches from January 21st– February 7th 2011, Variety Watches will include two free movie tickets, delivered by February 8th 2011.  Choose from the many top designers, such as Gucci, Omega, and Movado.  One of these elegant and sophisticated collections is sure to hold the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie.  A jewelry timepiece combines the functionality of a watch with the beauty of fine jewelry that most women can’t resist.  The choices are endless and only the newest styles and freshest designers are featured at Variety Watches.  

The free movie tickets are delivered by e-mail and are redeemable at any Fandango theatre.  The tickets come with no expiration date and no additional fees are attached.  So, get your lady something extra special this Valentine’s Day.  Choose a lovely jewelry watch from Variety Watches, take her out for a romantic comedy, and make the night as special as she is. 

Go to Variety Watches for the very best in women’s timepieces.  Oh, and did I mention that the gift card and wrapping are free of charge!  Take the guesswork out of shopping this year.

Dakota Fanning spotted wearing a Fruits Watch!

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Dakota Fanning in her Lemon Sorbet Fruitzs Watch
Dakota Fanning in her Lemon Sorbet Fruitzs Watch

Who doesn’t love Dakota Fanning? We adore this young actress, who began her career when she was merely five years of age. She impresses us for having been the youngest person in history to be nominated (for her role in “I Am Sam”) for a Screen Actor’s Guild Award. We first got to know Dakota through a Tide detergent commercial, followed by appearances on famous television shows like ER and Ally McBeal. We were enthralled by her appearance in TomCats, and we haven’t stopped following her since…

Most recently, we spotted Dakota Fanning wearing a Lemon Sorbet watch by Fruitz, which manufactures fun, colorful and fashionable timepieces.

Fruitz currently offers three collections: Fruitz Classic, Sorbet and Happy Hour. The Sorbet collection differs from the other two in that watches in this collection have expandable stainless steel bracelets, as opposed to watches in the other collections with have silicon straps.

All Fruitz watches, including the Lemon Sorbet that Dakota loves, have natural frequency technology disks embedded in their case backs. These disks are infused with the same frequency at which the earth resonates, and claim to relax and calm wearers.

Looks like Dakota Fanning is pretty relaxed in her Fruits watch, don’t you think? Well, apparently her watch has her in good spirits; as she says, “I am so happy to have one!”

Fruits Watches Take Nutrition to a Whole New Level

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Fruits Watches by Fruitz with Natural Frequency Technology
Fruits Watches by Fruitz with proprietary Natural Frequency Technology

Fruits watches, produced by Fruitz, have been creating quite a buzz lately, not only because of the brand’s fashion appeal and fun image, but also because of the natural frequency technology embedded in each watch.

The concept behind Fruitz is that just as fruits provide our bodies with nutritional value, so do these watches. How so? The Natural Frequency Technology disks on each watch contain the same frequencies at which the earth resonates (7-9 hz). Through the disk these key frequencies flow into the body of the watch wearer. It communicates with the bio field, and helps regulate the biorhythm of the wearer. It is truly a breakthrough technology, developed by Philip Stein.

In particular, it is the Fruitz Classic collection that represents a large range of Fruits. There’s the Grapefruit Fruitz Classic Watch, the Organge Fruitz Classic Watch and the Lemon Fruitz Classic Watch representing citrus fruits. Then there is the Blueberry Fruitz Classic Watch, the Blackberry Fruitz Classic Watch, the Raspberry Fruitz Classic Watch and the Strawberry Fruitz Classic Watch representing the Berry family. Fruitz range from the typical, such as the Red Apple Fruitz Classic watch, to the atypical, such as the Lychee Fruitz Classic Watch, taking fashion watches…and nutrition to a whole new level!

Fruitz Watches’ Natural Frequency Technology said to Change People’s Lives

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Dragon Fruit, Strawberry and Lychee Fruits Watches with Natural Frequencies Inside
Dragon Fruit, Strawberry and Lychee Fruits Watches with Natural Frequencies Inside

Fruitz is a collection of fun and colorful watches that is appealing to people for more than just fun and color.  The new collection of fruits watches, seen on celebrities such as Dakota Fanning and Selena Gomez and identified as a “practical accessory staple” by Parade Magazine, has Natural Frequencies inside. .

Every Fruitz watch contains a Natural Frequency Technology disk, created by Philip Stein. According to a clinical study, people wearing devices with natural frequency technology experienced better sleep than those not wearing devices with the technology.

Natural frequencies exist everywhere. The earth’s natural frequency is 7.83 hz, the key frequency in the natural frequency technology. Frequencies are captured and infused, and embedded into the watch. The idea behind the natural frequency technology disk in each watch is that it provides the wearer with natural frequencies and information.

So, it would appear, that beyond making a fashion statement, a Fruitz watch has immense technological powers.

Hot Fashion Watches by Fruitz

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Fruitz- Hot Fashion Watches!
Fruitz – Hot Fashion Watches!

Fruitz Watches, the brand that represent a wonderful, charming array of Fruits Watches, are the hottest craze right now.  Even Twilight star, Dakota Fanning was seen sporting her Fruitz!

There are three types of Fruitz: Fruitz Classic, Sorbet and Happy Hour.  The Fruitz Classic collection features 36 mm adorable sunburst dials, colorful silicon straps which are really comfortable.  Each watch in the collection represents a different fruit, so there’s a Blueberry Fruitz Classic Watch, an Orange Fruitz Classic Watch and so on.

The Sorbet collection conjures up an image of delicious, tasty and sweet.  From the Fruitz Lemon Sorbet Watch to the Fruitz Licorice Sorbet Watch, these watches do look delectable, with their stainless steel expandable bracelet straps, and bright, lively colors!  Dakota Fanning loves her Lemon Sorbet Fruitz watch.  According to Fanning, “”I cannot wait to wear it – what an adorable idea… I am so happy to have one!”

The Happy Hour collection makes you think of good times, and indeed, each watch in this collection represents another fruity cocktail, from Black Russian to Cosmopolitan.  These watches have 43 mm dials, which include day and date functions.

By the way, these fashion watches come with a perk: each watch is embedded with a natural frequency technology disk, which may lead to better sleeping, increased concentration and focus, and an overall sense of wellbeing.

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